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Brand: ATWOOD ROPES MFG Model: PAR-275-100
ATWOOD ROPES MFG® Paracord 275 Cord (100 ft) Description: The Tactical 275 Cord (100 ft) is a durable, approximately 30m long, four-strand survival cord with a tensile strength of 125 kg (275 lbs) and a diameter of 2.4 mm. Due to its size, it will prove useful mainly on long trips, but also wh..
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Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: PAR-550-100
ATWOOD ROPES MFG® 550 Paracord (100ft)Περιγραφή:550 Paracord (100ft) is a durable, approximately 30-meter-long, seven-strand survival cord with a tensile strength of 250 kg (550 lbs) and 4 mm in diameter. The seven-strand structure allows you to use tens of meters of thin cords that will be ess..
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Brand: Spartan Store Model: BOTTLE-HOLDER
Bottle Holder (Molle)Features:Bottle Holder Molle StyleDimensions 17 x 8 cm (HxW)It can be attached to all bags with a molle systemA very good and practical solution if you want to carry your bottle and have it easily accessibleFits most of 500ml bottles..
Ex Tax:4.83€
Brand: Spartan Store Model: CARABINER-S
Carabiner Clip S TypeDurable plastic carabiner S type, small size, with metallic lamella for basing any of your accessories (keys, bottle base, etc.)...
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Brand: Direct Action Model: WINTER-BEANIE
Direct Action® Winter BeanieDescription:Winter Beanie is a great combination of classic, useful headgear with some swag. Made of genuine Merino Wool with additional inner fleece provides great thermal comfort even in very cold weather. To make it even more tacticooler, the cap has a slightly visible..
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Brand: Helikon-Tex Model: E&E POUCH
A timeless classic based on a revised British Special Forces design. This large pouch holds survival and bushcraft equipment, water bottles, food rations, and similar items. There is a sleeve on the back that will hold a folding saw/knife/axe. MOLLE/PALS compatible.Ideal for the Helikon-Tex Pat..
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Brand: Enniu Model: QUICK-RELEASE
Enniu® Military Style Belt - Quick Release Narrow (3.8/5 cm) or Wide Size (4.4/5.7 cm)Description:Tactical belt by Enniu® made of high-quality nylon with a metal quick lock/release system. The 3.8cm version of this belt is easier to fit through the belt loops of jeans, ordinary pants, etc., while th..
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Brand: Glock Model: Microfiber Cloth G47
THE PERFECT CLEANING ACCESSORY WITH PHOTOPRINT OF THE GLOCK 47Versatile cloth made out of microfiber useable for cleaning e.g. displays or sights, as display protection, or as a mousepad.Size: 23 x 20 cm..
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Glock® Benchmat - G17 Gen 5
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Brand: Glock Model: G17-GEN5-MAT
Glock® Benchmat - G17 Gen 5.Description:The perfect bench mat, made by Glock®, consists of a rubberized nylon surface, which is oil-resistant and is the ideal cleaning mat for your Glock G17 Gen 5.Features:Genuine Glock itemSize: 42.5 x 27.7 cmMaterial: Thin rubberized nylon with an oil-resistant su..
13.99€ 15.99€
Ex Tax:11.28€
Brand: Glock Model: CLEANING-MAT
Glock® Benchmat - TrainingDescription:The perfect bench mat made by Glock® consists of a rubberized nylon surface, which is oil-resistant and is the ideal mat to train your gun cleaning.Features:Genuine Glock itemSize: 42.5 x 27.7 cmMaterial: Naylon and thin rubberized nylon with an oil-resistant su..
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Glock® Cap 19X - Coyote Glock® Cap 19X - Coyote
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Brand: Glock Model: CAP-19X-COL
Glock® Cap 19X - CoyoteFeatures:100% heavy cotton twillGLOCK Perfection logo print on the side in greyGLOCK Perfection logo engraved on the metal buckleG19X reflective print on the front in greyX letter print on the front panel and shield in dark greyX letter 3D embroidery on the front in orange5-pa..
21.00€ 24.00€
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Glock® Coffee Mug (0.25 lt) Glock® Coffee Mug (0.25 lt)
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Brand: Glock Model: COFFE-MUG-25
Glock® Coffee Mug (0.25 lt)Features:Glock® LogoColor: Black (inside) - Orange (outside)Capacity: 0.25 lt..
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